Welcome to Southern Dance Modern Jive Dunedin

Specializing in both your wedding first dance or your first dance class, Sourthern Dance is Dunedin’s premiere Modern Jive dance teaching duo.

Wedding First Dance

Add a touch of magic to your first dance! Let us take away the stress of your First Dance by teaching you some fun, easy moves that will give you the confidence to transform your first dance from a stressful ‘need to do’ moment into a fun, enjoyable part of your day that you will remember forever!

  • No dance experience necessary
  • Relaxed, easy to learn and great fun!
  • We can choreograph a simple stylish routine
  • The dance can be tailored to suit your style, song or wedding theme

We can also teach more complex choreography including dips, drops and lifts for experienced dancers looking to add the “Wow” factor.

“Our classes are very casual, light hearted and a lot of fun!” Just Raewyn, John and the two of you - in a lovely home studio.

Modern Jive

Modern Jive is a very popular style of dance that is characterized by left/right stepping footwork. It is flexible, casual and can be danced to many different music genres. The most popular are modern ‘Pop’, Rock’ or ‘Dance’ music, Jazz, Blues. So long as the music has a regular beat, 4-4 time or similar then you should be able to dance to it.

When to start
It’s never too soon! The earlier you can start the better. We recommend a minimum of 6 weeks, however we have helped couples with only two weeks to go before their big day! Three months out is ideal, we can do 3-5 sessions in a row and then do a couple of refresher sessions one to two weeks out from your wedding.

How our classes work
We teach the classes in a small comfortable studio in our home. We work one-on-one with each of you teaching some basic moves. Once you have ran over each move a few times we get you back together to practice a few times and then move on to another move.

We progress at a rate that you are both comfortable with. Once we have learned a few moves we then arrange them into an easy-to-remember routine that will match your music.

What to bring
A sense of humor and a willingness to have some fun!
It is good to have a song in mind but that is not a requirement. We can give you some advice on your song choice.

Casual clothing is fine, including your shoes. It is good for the ladies to eventually practice in her wedding shoes but we recommend that you learn the routine first

Price / Wedding Packages
Our private classes are normally $65.00 per one-hour session.
Most couples have 5-6 sessions for their wedding dance so we have put together a 5-session package for $300.00. If any further sessions are booked, then they are charged at $60.00 per hour.

Raewyn & John

Raewyn and John

Raewyn and John have been teaching Modern Jive together in Dunedin for the past 8 years, John has been teaching Modern Jive for 13 years. During this time they have helped hundreds of people learn to dance and dozens of couples transform their First Dance from a stressful nightmare into a fun memorable part of their special day.

Most folks say “I can’t dance” when they come through our door, everyone can dance, you just need a little instruction and a bit of confidence. We can help you with both of these things.

Southern Dance